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Tape Measure World Records

Tape Measure World Records

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3 metre tape measure filled with Guiness World Record Facts.

  • Measure as you learn 10ft worth of length-based facts!
  • Auto-locking tap with double-sided print for double the amount of statistics.
  • Includes both Metric (cm) and Imperial (inches) measurements.


Learn fascinating facts as you see how things measure up! Find out amazing facts and compare them to the units you see. (Did you know fleas can jump 18cm - the equivalent of a human jumping 50m!?) 

A great gift for inquisitive kids and geeky grown-ups alike (plus, anyone who needs a tape measure). 

Designed and made by Suck UK in collaboration with Guiness World Records.

Materials: PP, PVC, Metal

Dimensions: 63 x 61 x 21mm 

Weight: 53g

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