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Eva Solo

Liquid Lounge Cocktail Shaker

Liquid Lounge Cocktail Shaker

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Stainless steel cocktail shaker. 

  • Enjoy the thrill of mixing your own cocktails with this elegant cocktail shaker.
  • With its stylish design, this shaker is a must-have for both classic and experimental drinks.
  • With a cocktail shaker, you’re well on your way to becoming your own favourite bartender.


By shaking your ingredients together in the shaker, you’ll be mixing your drinks more effectively than by simply stirring them. 

At the same time, the ice in the shaker ensures rapid cooling of your drink, which is essential for many cocktails that are best served ice-cold. 

Shaking also adds tiny air bubbles to the drink, creating a pleasant texture, and helps to emulsify (combine) oily ingredients like the citrus oil in lemon zest.

Materials: Oiled walnut, stainless steel

Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 20cm

Capacity: 0.69L

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