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Eva Solo

Liquid Lounge Cocktail Muddler

Liquid Lounge Cocktail Muddler

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Cocktail muddler made of walnut wood.

  • A cocktail muddler is an indispensable bartending tool, designed to release the deep aromas and flavours of fruit, herbs and spices in your cocktails. 
  • By mashing – or muddling – ingredients like fruit or herbs at the bottom of the shaker before shaking, their flavour and aroma will be released into the drink. 
  • With its sturdy and stylish design, this muddler is ideal for crushing ingredients like mint for mojitos or lime for caipirinhas. 


With a cocktail muddler, you’re well on your way to becoming your own favourite bartender.

The muddler is made of beautiful, sustainable walnut wood, which withstands frequent use, while the ergonomic shape ensures comfortable and efficient use every time. 

Materials: Oiled walnut

Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 22cm

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