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Eat My Socks

Socks Tasty Nachos (2 pairs)

Socks Tasty Nachos (2 pairs)

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Pair of socks shaped as a bowl of nachos. Multi-coloured.

  • Perfect for the foodie in your life.
  • These socks come shaped like nachos and unravel into fashionable socks for everyday wear.
  • One size fits all, easy to wash and wear.


What are you having for dinner? If you answered a salad, you should stop reading here because you’re a much healthier person than we are. If not, try our amazing nachos socks with guacamole!

Yellow: 64.1% Cotton, 29% polyester,3,9% elastane, 3.0% polyamide Green: 55% Cotton, 29.4% polyester, 2.1% elastane, 13.5% polyamide

Box: Paper bowl with PET cover
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