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Socks Sushi Box (3 pairs)

Socks Sushi Box (3 pairs)

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Novelty print socks presented as sushi rolls.

  • Delicious novelty sushi socks, hand rolled for you by a professional sock chef and presented like a typical Japanese sushi tray!
  • Sushi socks don't just look great when rolled - their colourful patterns make for a stunning sock when worn.
  • One size fits all, easy to wash and wear.


We all love sushi; that’s a fact, but why settle for one kind of sushi when you can have a whole box? We present to you the Sushi Box socks, the perfect way to show your love for sushi.

  • A: 17.4% Nylon, 54.9% Cotton, 25.1% Polyester, 2.6% Spandex;
  • B: 1.1% Nylon, 66.4% Cotton, 30.2% Polyester, 2.3% Spandex;
  • C: 27.6% Polyester, 2.4% Elastodiene, 5.5% Nylon, 64.2% Cotton
Box: Paper box with wood pulp lamination and 100% recycled PET
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