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Aromatherapy Votive Gift Set Heavily Meditated

Aromatherapy Votive Gift Set Heavily Meditated

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Gift set of 3 votive candles. Heavily Meditated selection.

  • Set of 3 x 85g beautifully scented candles with up to 15 hrs burn time each.
  • Made from 100% sustainable European-grown GMO-free soy wax.
  • Fragranced with expertly-blended essential oils and natural fragrances


Aery believes in the wellbeing of the mind, body and soul by creating uplifting sanctuaries with their expertly blended essential oil candles and diffusers. Their priorities lie in creating beautiful products that are also friendly to the environment all steps of the way.

The Aery team controls the quality and the raw material supply chain. Each scent is tested for their optimum amount of fragrance throw in order to avoid overpowering, and to achieve the best aromatherapy benefits. Aery candles are hand-wicked, poured and labelled by their team of experienced makers in England.

Heavily Meditated Collection scent descriptions:
And Relax: lemongrass, cedar, patchouli, lemon and lime
Before Sleep: lavender, eucalyptus, cedar, bergamot, coriander and orange
Heavily Meditated: frankincense, patchouli, thyme, eucalyptus, cedar, cinnamon and bay
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