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PET Water Bottle Small

PET Water Bottle Small

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Small PET bottle at a convenient size for single servings, for use with Aarke Carbonator 3.

  • Keep your bubbles fresh and prolong the life of your CO2 canister by carbonating in smaller doses.
  • Ideal for smaller households and single servings, with a smaller size that's perfect on the go.
  • Happy-hour companion - just the right amount of bubbles for at-home cocktail mixing.


Meet the Small PET - the same sleek design of the original, tailor-made for single servings and smaller households.

Make the most of home carbonation with this great companion to the Carbonator 3, the perfect size to keep your bubbles fresh.

*Not compatible with the Aarke Carbonator Pro sparkling water maker.

Dimensions: H225mm W73mm

Bottle capacity 650mL, 450mL up to filling line.

Non-toxic BPA-free water bottle made from premium PET with details in steel. Not suitable for dishwashers.
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