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Nesting Glasses

Nesting Glasses

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Set of 4 nesting glasses.

  • Four shapes, one size - a glassware set designed to be nested, instead of stacked.
  • Despite having different diametres and heights, the glasses still share the same 290mL volume, creating a playful contrast between individuality and unity.
  • Made of thin crystal glass, with delicate sides and a generously rounded base for a refined drinking experience.


The Aarke Nesting Glasses are a set of 4 premium glasses made of lead-free crystal glass. 

Carefully engineered with a diamond-cut thin rim, enjoy these superbly balanced drinking glasses with water, or your favourite beverage. 


Glass Dimensions (Height/Diameter):

  • Glass 1: 66 mm/83 mm
  • Glass 2: 78 mm/76 mm
  • Glass 3: 93 mm/69 mm
  • Glass 4: 113 mm/63 mm

Volume: 290 ml 

Materials: Crystal glass 

Made in Slovakia

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