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Sun Baby Collection D Daydream Fresh Cloud

Sun Baby Collection D Daydream Fresh Cloud

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Colourful, lightweight sunglasses for babies aged 0 to 9 months.

  • Category 3, polarised anti-reflective lenses for 100% UV protection.
  • Ultra-resistant, soft frame with a “baby” bridge, and their straight arms allow them to follow the baby’s growth.
  • Includes soft silicone head strap to keep frames secure.


Sink into the dreamlike universe of the new Daydream collection. Inspired by a waking reverie, Daydream is an ode to letting go and letting your imagination take flight - taking you to an adventure far, far away.

Open your eyes; the dream starts now.

  • Fresh Cloud - Sky blue brings the refreshing shade of a cloud, harbinger of a pearly dew. The shiny finish creates new bursts of light and Paradise Blue lenses glow with an intense azure.
  • Morning Light - A touch of almost golden light caresses the skin, highlighted by the shiny finish. Sunflower lenses hark back to the sunny energy of Morning Light.
  • Purple Sky - This soft purple soothes the senses with faraway dreams. The shiny finish mirrors new horizons and lavender lenses offer an enchanting new view.
BPA-free and hypoallergenic.

Each pair is packaged in a card gift box with soft felt pouch.

Frame dimensions: 11cm x 3.6cm x 11cm
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