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Nordic Kitchen Pump Vacuum Jug 1.8L

Nordic Kitchen Pump Vacuum Jug 1.8L

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Pump vacuum jug with compact, minimalist design. 1.8L capacity.

  • Simply press the oak lid and coffee is served, with no stopper to unscrew or lever to press.
  • Smart-design pump system guarantees at least 30,000 pump-actions.
  • The thermal steel insert makes the vacuum jug extra resilient and keeps beverages piping hot.


Ideal for parties and get-togethers, the Nordic Kitchen Pump Vacuum Jug is designed with an integrated handle making it easy to take on the move, to meetings or on picnics. Keep your very favourite beverage on the go, with an easy serving every time.

The oak lid should be maintained by regular oiling.

Capacity: 1.8 litre / 14 cups
Material: stainless steel, plastic, oiled oak

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