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Eva Solo

Myflavour Oil Carafe 0.5l

Myflavour Oil Carafe 0.5l

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Carafe with skewer for flavoured olive oil. Glass. 500ml.

  • The MyFlavour series is all about creating your own flavours and your own colours.
  • Unleash your imagination in the kitchen, and combining the ideas and tastes that spring to mind when you give free rein to your creativity.
  • Use the removable skewer and add your own aromatic flavourings such as herbs, pieces of fruit and spices.


A good olive oil tastes fantastic, and is a popular choice in most kitchens. But, what completes your salads and your favourite dishes? Freshly plucked thyme and rosemary from the garden, lemon or chilli? Sweet-and-sour vinaigrette or thick Balsamico? Is it the taste, colour or texture that carries your dishes? 

Add these flavours and more using the MyFlavour Oil Carafe.


  • Included skewer for garlic, herbs and spices
  • 100% drip free
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • 2 year warranty

Material: Glass, Stainless Steel and Silicone

Dimensions: 6cm diameter x 21.5cm tall

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