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Eva Solo

Green Tool Mini Chopper Wheat

Green Tool Mini Chopper Wheat

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Multi-functional mini chopper.

  • Chop, mix and whisk without using any electricity!
  • Operated using a practical drawstring, it’s quick, efficient and easy to chop vegetables and whip cream.
  • Made from part wheat fibre for a more sustainable kitchen!


The Eva Solo Green Tools Mini Chopper allows you to chop ingredients with optimum control. Place the ingredients in the container, position the lid and pull the string. The more times you pull the string, the more finely chopped the contents. 

  • It comes with an extra attachment for whipping. 
  • The container and attachments are dishwasher-safe, while the lid needs to be washed in hot water and soap.

Eva Solo’s new Green tools series comprises functional and sustainable utensils that will help to bring out all the flavours in all the wonderful vegetables. All the handles in the series are made of a sustainable material in which 50% of the plastic has been replaced by wheat fibre. The Green tools are thus a tribute to new green habits in the kitchen as well as new and sustainable production methods.
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