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Eva Solo

Dishwashing Set

Dishwashing Set

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Decorative and practical dishwashing set with washing up brush, soap dispenser and sponge scourer in tray. Matte black.

  • No more garish detergent bottles and unsightly sponge scourers!
  • The washing up brush has a practical and effective edge to help scrape away stubborn debris, plus fast-drying bristles, weighted base and replaceable brush head.
  • The decorative and practical refillable soap dispenser gives you just the right amount of soap with each light squeeze, and a self-sealing valve at the base.


Keep your sinks in order with the stylish Dishwashing Set, featuring brush, soap dispenser and scourer. 

Not dishwasher safe, except washing up brush.

Materials: Nylon, Plastic, Silicone, Stainless Steel

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